Northern Shao Lin

In addition to our regular curriculum listed below, we also offer ongoing Tai Chi classes and ten specialty classes/forms including Ba Gua, Hsing I, Chin Na, Saber, Double Saber, Sun Moon Rings, Iron Fan, Spear, Sword, Double Sword, and Guan Dao.


  • Three levels of Shao Lin basic training
  • 34 Shao Lin forms
  • Contact and conditioning drills

Beginning Level

Beginning level consists of 3 levels of basic training and 7 forms. After learning the first level of basics, students begin training in the form Tan Tui (Spring Legs Style).

Tan Tui has 12 series of techniques that are repeated on both the right and left side to develop overall coordination, balance, and strength as well as the ability to attack and defend in all directions. This distinct northern Chinese style has a long history and serves as a foundation style in many systems of traditional kung fu.


Tan Tui #1


Tan Tui #6

As the priests in the Shao Lin Temple developed their skills, many forms and styles were created emphasizing health and fighting skills. If you are fortunate enough to visit Shao Lin, you will see statues of the Luo Hans in fighting postures along the walls within the temple.

The fifth form taught at beginner level is Luo Han Chuan (Buddha Style Boxing).


Chinese Martial arts has an extensive array of weapon training. In most cases, the first weapon one learns is the staff.

The sixth form taught at the beginner level is Lian Huan Ba Gun (Continuous Eight Section Staff). This two-person form takes the basic movements of the staff and creates an intense drill that brings your kung fu to a new level of contact and application.


Intermediate Level

The intermediate level of our training consists of 10 forms, including:

  • 4 open-hand forms
  • 2 two-person open-hand fighting forms
  • 2 sword forms
  • 1 staff form
  • 1 open-hand animal form

The first form taught at the intermediate level is Tsai Shou (Lifting Hand). This two-person form introduces leg sweeps, tornado kicks, and an assortment of Chin Na. Joint locks and pressure point applications are the highlights of this exciting form that pushes your reaction time and heightens your awareness.


Photo By: Darin Dubinsky


Photo By: Darin Dubinsky

The fifth form taught at the intermediate level is San Shi Er Shou (32 Hands). 32 Hands is a short but powerful form. Created by a master who had parts of his limbs removed by royal order, Sun Bin created a style that attacks and penetrates.


Advanced Level

The advanced level of our training consists of 10 forms, including:

  • 1 open-hand form
  • 1 two-person open-hand fighting form
  • 1 single weapon form
  • 3 weapon versus weapon forms
  • 4 open-hand animal forms

The most dangerous weapons are those with metal edges or tips. The highest level of short weapon training is the double-edged straight sword. For long weapons, the most feared is the spear. Both weapons have unique characteristics that make them fierce. If you want to experience a truly high level of kung fu, you must study these weapons and match them up in battle.